Hello there dear gamers, hope you are doing great. Today I want to present you free online game – Fireboy and Watergirl which features amazing adventures, a lot of hidden secrets and awesome quests. There are two main characters in the game and you must use their help to reach the finish line.

Try to use a different approach if you find the game difficult, you can also check various online guides and video guides to improve your knowledge and experience. I will try to write my own guide below, you will find it helpful and useful.

How to play:
So we have already mentioned that there are two characters in the game, one is Fireboy and another is Watergirl. Both characters have their own element, as the name suggests fire and water elements. Game maps have various traps and obstacles in it, these obstacles usually involve different natural elements. In order to overcome obstacles in the game, you will have to use different characters in different situations.

Let’s say you have a huge wall of fire in front of you, this wall in too high to jump over it, what do you do? Asking help from Watergirl would be an unwise move, she won’t be able to overcome this obstacle, but you could ask for a help Fireboy, his element is fire after all and he can easily walk through this wall of fire and reach another side of it.

This is exactly how you should play this game, you must analyze the situation carefully, learn every obstacle and move your characters according to the situation. It is pretty easy actually.

Use A, W, D to move Watergirl
Use arrow keys (← ↑ →) to move Fireboy

As you can see controls are pretty simple, you could use both hands and control both characters simultaneously.

In order to finish the game, you will have to collect all the crystals and reach the finish line. Usually, crystals are located in hard to reach locations making the collecting process challenging and entertaining.

Keep in mind that there are two different crystals: red and blue. As you can see red crystals can be picked up by Fireboy and blue crystals can be picked up by Watergirl. You have to use both characters in the game if you want to succeed in this game.

Obstacles by color:
Blue obstacles are dangerous for Fireboy and red obstacles are deadly for Watergirl. But there are other situations as well when specific obstacles are dangerous for both characters. For example, green goo is deadly for both characters, whenever you will face it avoid it at all costs, jump over it and do your best to not fall in it.

The game has various interactive objects in it, for example, buttons. Buttons must be held and they do various things, in some cases, they start an elevator, in some cases they stop spinning blade, etc. Take a look at the map, locate different interactive objects on it and control your characters according to the situation.

Remember every level can be completed, look around you, use items to your advantage and reach the finish line alive.

Perfect score:
At the end of the level, the game calculates your overall score, it takes into account how much time did it took you to finish the level, it takes into account how many lives you have lost, how many crystals you have picked, etc. Game analyzes your moves and grants you a fair score.

Try to play as fast as it is possible and try not to make any mistakes.

Exit points:
There are two exit points on the map, one is for Fireboy and Another is for Watergirl. These exit points are located at the end of the level, in some cases, they are side by side and in some cases, they are apart from each other. The location of the gate plays an important part as well, this game is pretty much one big puzzle and how your reach finish line can determine whether or not you will be able to win the match.

So what good adventure game needs the most? It is thrill, creativity, quests, challenges and interesting levels. This game is pretty rich in terms of level section, there are tons of different maps, each one is unique and different, each one is challenging and will require from you to think well.

Puzzles are hard to solve and they hardly ever repeat the same scenario, in each case you will have to find new solutions and new methods to succeed in the game.

Playing from the phone:
This game can be downloaded on your device and you can play it from the phone. I personally love mobile gaming and I always appreciated when games support mobile platforms.

Apart from article guides, we have video guides as well. Check out the following video where we go through all levels. You will learn a lot from it, I’m sure of that.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide, I think I have covered all the important aspects of this game. We have discussed what kind of game it is, how to play it, how to control characters, etc. I hope you found it useful.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback guys, you can use our contact form below. Good luck and have fun in this world of Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked, where adventures and magic await you!